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Sea freight  

With our excellent contacts with national and international partners as well as shipping companies, we are your preferred partner for sea freight shipments, both for import, export and cross-trade shipments. We organize transports from and to seaports worldwide, contact us with your request, we look forward to it.


From the provision of the container at the desired time at the desired location, the transport to the port of departure with the appropriate means of transport to the transport to the port of destination and the delivery to the destination. We are happy to organize your sea freight transport, including of course the necessary customs formalities both in the country of departure and destination.

When shipping freight that does not fill a complete container, groupage containers are ideal. Together with our network, we offer groupage containers on all major routes worldwide. We organize the collection of the goods, loading into the container and delivery from the port of destination with all required customs clearance.


Shipping without transiting through Switzerland? We can manage this too! Thanks to our worldwide network any delivery of goods and documents issuing is possible!


Does your customer want a delivery not only to the port of destination, but also to door? This is part of our daily business for us and our partners and can be easily organized.


„Roll on - Roll off” is ideal for transporting vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses or construction machinery. They can go on the cargo vessel and down again.


Is your shipment already booked and on the way to a port and you need a forwarding to Switzerland? No problem, contact us and we organise the on-forwarding to your place. By truck, rail or barge, we will find the appropriate solution.


Do you prefer to load or unload the container directly at the seaport? No problem, we organize it for you. Intermediate storage, whether in Switzerland, at the port or in the country of destination, is also possible without any problems.


For medical/ pharmaceutical products, but also food, keeping the cold chain is important. We organize your transport with special refrigerated containers (reefers) which ensure that the goods are transported at the appropriate temperature to the destination.


For dangerous goods shipments, there are specific requirements for documentation and packaging. We are happy to take over this task for you and ensure that your goods are shipped in compliance.

Your goods on the sea

Sea freight is the classic mode of transport for intercontinental transport and offers its own advantages over other transport solutions. A significant advantage is the low costs. Standardized containers can be used to organize cheap transports over long distances. This allows companies to optimize their supply chain in terms of price.

A variety of routes across all oceans is regularly served by many vessels. On the one hand, this offers the advantage of reliability and punctuality. On the other hand, large capacities are ensured, which makes this mode of transport ideal for shipping large and bulky goods as well as for large quantities.

Sea freight is also a relatively environmentally friendly method of transporting goods over long distances, as the CO2 emissions per ton of transported goods are lower than for air freight transport.

A sea freight container can be loaded at the point of departure and the goods themselves are no longer reloaded to their destination. This offers the advantage that the goods are well protected during transport.

Overall, sea freight offers a cheap and secure option to ship cargo shipments worldwide.