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Air freight

Our location in the immediate proximity of Zurich Airport makes us your ideal partner for air freight shipments. Of course, we also offer our services at the two other major airports in Switzerland, Geneva and Basel. Whether export, import or crosstrade shipments, we are available and look forward to your order.


From the pick-up at your warehouse, the correct export customs clearance, the shipment with the selected airline to the destination airport and if desired also delivered to the consignee.

 CROSS trade Sendungen

Do you ship directly from the manufacturer to the final recipient which do not transit through Switzerland? No problem, together with our professional worldwide network we organize these transports for you. Neutral delivery of both the documents and the goods themselves can be ensured.


If it has to go very quickly and the goods additionally need a complete monitoring, we can organize a courier, which travels with the shipment to the destination.


There are many options for shipping your goods via air freight - we will be happy to advise you personally.


Do you need an aircraft that flies only for your shipment? We are happy to organize this for you, whether for large or small shipments, contact us to find the best solution together.


From contacting the shipper, customs clearance, shipping with the appropriate airline to Switzerland, correct import customs clearance to delivery by certified subcontractors to the desired delivery place.


Do you have urgent goods to ship where a quick arrival is crucial? For example, aircraft parts (AOG) or machines that need to be installed immediately, medical products with a short service life or shipments for events, concerts and trade fairs. With our flexible working methods and trained partners, we are the right contact person.


Does your customer want a delivery not only to the destination airport, but also to door? This is part of our daily business for us and our partners and can be easily organized.


For medical/ pharmaceutical products, but also food, keeping the cold chain is important. We organize your refrigerated transport, depending on your needs passively or actively cooled, and ensure that the goods are delivered properly.


Valuable goods such as jewellery or watches require special attention. With the correct handling, a careful selection of subcontractors and the right booking, this works perfectly.


For dangerous goods, there are special requirements for documentation and packaging. We take over this task for you and ensure that the goods are shipped in compliance and arrive safely at their destination.


Many options for shipping your goods - We will be happy to advise you personally. Please contact us.

Your goods in the air

Air freight has some advantages over other modes of transport in international forwarding. One of the biggest advantages is speed, as the cargo can reach its destination by plane in the shortest possible time. This is especially important for urgent deliveries such as a production loss. The short transit time allows companies to optimize their supply chains.

Another advantage is the flexibility, as there are a variety of airports and airlines worldwide. This makes it possible to send shipments close to their destination, so that only a short follow-up is necessary. Remote destinations can also be reached, which are rather difficult to serve with other modes of transport.

Safety is another advantage: the goods are well protected during transport and there is little transshipment. Various products from the airlines enable transport tailored to the goods, including for valuable or sensitive goods and refrigerated shipments.

In general, air freight offers a fast, flexible and secure way to ship cargo worldwide.